Community Guidelines

Last updated: 12/02/2018

We built Travamigos so you guys could meet each other, travel the world, and create unforgettable memories and friendships to last a lifetime. We pride ourselves in being cool, up to date, and super fun, so please don’t mess up our culture by being an idiot. These community guidelines are set so we can continue to provide a fun culture that everyone loves being part of, please abide by them 🙂


Adult Content

Sexual Content Involving Minors

Illegal Content


Harassment & Bullying

Hate Speech



Please use the report button provided within the app to alert any behaviour deemed unacceptable, we investigate every case reported, and will remove the offending content, terminate your account, or notify the police. Checkout drug rehab. If your account is terminated you may never be able to use Travamigos again.

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