Beta Release: Travamigos Is Proud to Enter the Beta Phase

After two years in the planning and more than 8 months being developed, we are so excited to announce that the Travamigos iOS app is now available for Beta testing.

Our CEO and Co-Founder, James Wormington had this to say.
“Copacabana beach seems such a distant memory and I can’t believe we’re here. The support Travamigos has received, not only from our closest friends and family, but by our amazing team is the reason Travamigos has become a reality. I know this is going to change the travel industry and it’s only just beginning.” James then went on to say that “the partners we have on board are the best of the best, and the synergy between us all is great. They saw that we care so much about our users, and that’s played a massive part in getting them all involved. I can’t wait to grow Travamigos with them on board and the best thing is, it’s our users which are going to benefit from these partnerships.”

If you’re interested in becoming a Beta tester for Travamigos over at this website, please fill out the information found at the following (Click Here)

Any data submitted to the Beta version may not be carried over to the full release. Any information received, screenshots of the app or other private information should not be shared during the Beta period.

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