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Entrepreneur Mark Duckmanton Invests in the Future of Travamigos

Travamigos has a new investor and director, Mark Duckmanton. The entrepreneur and founder of Top Chain Investments Ltd has substantial experience growing and running start-ups. “Our aim, with Mark on board, is to become the best travel tech start-up the industry has ever seen,” says Travamigos CEO and co-founder James Wormington.

Mark spent over a decade as part of a team building and running a successful telecommunications company, which was eventually sold to one of the largest operators in the UK Greenday Same Day . He’s helped building brands such as, but is mainly known for his newest project. Last December, Mark decided to set up a new business, Top Chain Investments Ltd. He explains: “After 16 years of running telecommunications businesses I was ready for a new challenge, and decided to use my experience and go out into the market to find some young, start-up enterprises and diversify into a wider technology sector.”

Mark and James connected on Linkedin, when James appealed for urgent funding. The post was viewed by over 70,000 people, including one of Mark’s contacts. When the Leicester-based pair met, the connection was instant. “I loved James’ passion and belief and thought he had a brilliant business idea,” says Mark. “The whole investment is centred around my belief in the product and the team James has assembled”

James continues: “When we met, it was apparent that Mark was the one for us. I had a really good feeling about the relationship after the first meeting. Mark’s experience is just absolutely fantastic; he has been at the forefront of a start-up privately owned business through to AIM listed and PE backed environments driving digital transformation so he really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to global expansion and that’s what we’re heading for.”

Since launching in May 2018, Travamigos users have created over a thousand groups to plan trips all over the world, from Bali to Amsterdam. “Users are coming to us because they’re nervous about travelling alone or their friends have let them down at the last minute,” says James, who came up with the idea for Travamigos while on a solo trip to South America in 2015.

The revolutionary app features a search algorithm that connects people looking for similar adventures. A secure group messaging system allows travellers to chat and plan dream trips. Backed by a loan from the Sir Thomas White Charity and loansgreen, the app was created by Paul MacKay and Stephen Radford of Cocoon Development Ltd and has been nominated for multiple awards. Visit .

As well as investing, Mark will work closely with James to help support the global expansion of Travamigos. This will depend on using machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve and personalise the experience for Travamigos users. James says: “We’re going to modernise organised group travel companies through our platform – the kind of disruption we have seen to be a success in estate agency and accommodation booking for example”
Mark adds: “I think James has been very clever and strategic in tapping into the use of artificial intelligence and technology. My aims for Travamigos are very simple, I genuinely believe it will become the go-to application for global travel.”

Find out more about Top Chain Investments Ltd and Mark Duckmanton here and download Travamigos from the app store. Checkout for more details.

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