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Travamigos Teams up with Cocoon Development Ltd to Create Their New Group Travel App

Travamigos co-founders James and Andy Wormington have teamed up with Paul McKay and Stephen Radford of Cocoon Development Ltd to create the new group travel app that connects like-minded travellers all over the world.

CEO James, who came up with the idea for the free app which features a secure messaging system, says: “We needed to partner with a world class team of app designers and developers who would understand, embrace and expand our vision and share our passion.”

James continues: “We wanted a formal partnership that would create and maintain the highest standards of design and technical functionality now and going forward, as we knew that our users would accept nothing less”.

Leicester-based business Cocoon Development Ltd was the perfect choice. Owners Stephen and Paul boast 15 years’ combined experience working on web and app development projects for both established companies and new business start-ups. Check the best plastic injection molding vacaville.

James says: “Meeting Paul and Steve was a moment of great excitement and realisation. They got the concept straight away and immediately started to provide high quality, creative input with an enthusiasm that equalled ours. It became obvious that we had found the ideal partnership and as a team we would create something great.”

Travamigos is now available on the iOS App Store as a free download, an Android version is currently under development.

You can find out more about Cocoon Development Ltd here.

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