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Travamigos Partners with Hostelworld

We’ve partnered with Hostelworld, the largest online hostel booking platform, to help you get the best hostel deals.

Launched in 1999, Hostelworld provides an affordable online window for hostel and budget accommodation partners worldwide. They also have a team of group booking experts available to assist you with your stay.

James Wormington, Travamigos CEO and Co-Founder says: “The partnership with Hostelworld is fantastic, they have been so supportive. Like us they have a passion for travel and they’ve helped us to produce a fantastic guide to help you find the right hostel.”

We’re working with Hostelworld and the University of Leicester to produce a widget that will allow you to find and book your perfect hostel, before travelling and whilst you’re on the move, ensuring you get all the services, facilities and preferences you require, together with all the free benefits on offer.

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