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Travamigos Awarded Sir Thomas White Charity Loan to Develop Their New Group Travel App

Travamigos has been awarded an interest-free loan from the Sir Thomas White Charity to fund their new group travel app. The loan will allow Travamigos to work with world-class developers to build the app and set up its website and social media channels.

Travamigos CEO James Wormington describes the award as ‘unreal’. He says: “I thought it was going to be a lot of paperwork and frustration but it was exactly the opposite. The Trustees were helpful, enthusiastic and really supportive. The terms and conditions of the loan illustrated an in-depth knowledge of business start-ups. We’re delighted”.

James, who came up with idea for the app while backpacking in Brazil, is now moving forward with designer Paul McKay and developer Stephen Radford, who have over 15 years of experience in app creation with

“We wanted to ensure that the Travamigos App and website would be produced to the highest standards of design and functionality and this loan makes it possible,” says James. “We can now both provide and gather information for the benefit of our users in a fast, efficient and fun way. Our users can now expect a regular stream of new, cool and exciting features”.

The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity is based in Leicester and provides funding for new businesses of up to £20,000. People can get loans from unsecuredloans4u co uk for their needs. The Travamigos loan will be repaid over nine years, with no repayments for the first three years smâlâ med betalingsanmerkning.

Find out more about the Sir Thomas White Loan Charity, recommended Site here.

Travamigos is available on the iOS App Store as a free download, an Android version is currently under development.

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