Bali — The Cultural Haven for Students

Bali is one of Indonesia’s most popular islands, famous for its white-sand beaches, rice terraces, striking Hindu temples and vibrant nightlife.

Come to experience traditional Balinese culture and history, relax on spectacular surf beaches, snorkel in coral-rich waters and party in beachside bars when the sun goes down. Here’s why I truly believe that Bali is a traveller’s haven and the perfect destination for student adventurers.

Bali beaches and aquatic life
Bali boasts an impressive range of pristine beaches for you to relax on with your travel buddies and an ice-cold refreshing beer. Whether you prefer the lively Kuta Beach or the isolated beaches around Padangbai, there’s no shortage of sandy sanctuaries for you to enjoy. Explore the pearlescent coral and flourishing sea life at Nusa Dua’s beaches in southern Bali. The waters here are home to a diverse range of nautical creatures for a snorkelling or diving experience like no other. If you’re willing to venture beyond Bali’s main coast to nearby Lembongan Island, you can experience the sensational Nusa Lembongan beaches.

A sanctuary for surfing
Adventurous surfers will find refuge in the multitude of Bali beaches, which offer consistent waves and good vibes. Suluban Beach provides some of the largest and most remarkable surf, as does the Keramas, which often hosts surfing competitions. More popular surfing haunts include Padang Padang and Medewi, while Uluwatu boasts huge swells for experienced surfers as well as a cliff side temple. There’s no shortage of Bali beaches for you and your travel buddies to dive into, ideal for the surfing Travamigo. Check out

Temples and scenery
Bali is home to some of the most beautiful temples and multi-tiered rice terraces in Indonesia. The Tanah Lot Temple is an architectural marvel, a dramatic off-shore Hindu shrine set atop a discarded chunk of land, which acts as a point of pilgrimage for many. You can delve into the remarkable structures at historic Besakih Temple, a base of Hindu sanctity for the Balinese people for well over a century and the holiest of all Bali temples. Take a scenic drive to see Bali’s famous rice terraces, some of the most beautiful include the Tegalalang terraces near Ubud and Jatiluwih in Tabanan.

A dining experience like no other
Bali offers a vast array of traditional dishes for a unique dining experience. Indonesian sate is a mouth-watering staple in Bali, as well as babi guling, an exotic pork dish. If you have a sweeter tooth, then try pisang goreng, a fried and battered fruit dish which can be described as the food of the gods. Hatten Wines is Bali’s award-winning producer of wines and spirits which in their words: ‘breaks the rules of traditional viticulture and winemaking by braving the climate, the elements and fierce critics.’ Sitting at a beachside bar with a steaming plate of food and a refreshing beverage is a perfect way to experience Balinese culture. Visit

Bali provides no shortage of activities come moonlight. There’s a variety of nightclubs to party at with your travel buddies, especially in lively Kuta and Seminyak. I like Sky Dome Super Club in Kuta, which has a massive complex of nightlife activities, including a talented mix of global and resident DJs and spectacular light and laser displays. For a calmer night out, watch the sunset from a serene beach club or rooftop bar while sipping classy cocktails and taking in the picturesque landscape.
no denying that the Bali experience is awe-inspiring and I rate the island as a top travel destination. Whether it’s simply a short visit or an elongated stay, there’s no shortage of beaches, culture and activities to enjoy on your Balinese adventure.

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