Bones — Retrace the American Drama

Travelling through America has always been a dream of mine since a young age after watching American TV shows like Bones.

Set in Washington DC and Los Angeles, the drama follows a renowned Forensic Anthropologist named Temperance ‘Bones’ Brennan, who works for the Jeffersonian institute. Bones solves murder cases for the FBI bureau by identifying human remains that are far too decomposed to be identified. If you’re a fan like me, check out these top Bones filming locations on a trip to Washington DC or California.

Los Angeles – National History Museum and Park Rose Gardens.
The National History Museum and Park Rose Gardens in LA were used to shoot the exterior scenes of the iconic medico institute that every fan has come to know as the Jeffersonian. Even before getting into bones, the National History Museum was somewhere I loved to visit. I always had an interest in historic creatures and their skeletal structure so I’d spend hours browsing the pre-historic dinosaurs exhibition and the age of the mammals.

While at the museum, take a stroll in The Park Rose Gardens, which were also featured in Bones. Get a DO IT ALL admission for $29.00 to visit the National History Museum and see the Antarctic dinosaurs, butterfly pavilion and a 3D film. You can spend the entire day there on your own or with your travel buddies.

Pasadena, California – The Church of the Angels
The Church of the Angels was featured in a popular Bones episode called the ‘Priest in the Churchyard’. Dr Brennan was called to a churchyard to identify bodies that were uncovered when the water mains burst, discovering that priest Father McCourt was murdered. Throughout the episode, you see a rising conflict between Booth and Brennan about faith and religion.

Set in Pasadena, the Church of the Angels dates back to 1889 and is the oldest operating church in the Arroyo Seco area. The sandstone design is based on St Mary’s Church in Surrey, England, and has a striking stone tower with bell. I’d love to visit this historic setting from one of my favourite Bones episodes.

Washington DC – J.Edgar Building (FBI Building)
The J.Edgar Building is used in Bones to create the illusion of an American crime drama. You can take an educational tour of the building to learn the history of the FBI by looking at artefacts from notable cases that have been solved over the years. Visiting the FBI building will give you and your travel buddies an insight into how FBI agents work both in headquarters and out in the field.

I think visiting the FBI building would give me the chance to understand Special Agent Seeley Booth’s role within Bones and how his presence brings the show together. The admission to the FBI building is free but you have to go through a screening process (up to four weeks in advance) to be able to gain access to the tour. Check out Imperial Limo Worldwide.

Washington DC – The Royal Diner
The Royal Diner was used as a set location throughout Bones, becoming a prominent location where Booth, Brennan and the Squints would often eat and discuss cases. I’d love to visit this diner and walk in the shoes of my favourite characters. The prices at the Royal Diner, named after a royal liquor distributor, range from $5 to $21.

These top four Bones locations are a must-visit for any fan who’s come to love the show as much as I have.

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