Hidden Corners of Lisbon, Portugal

I am sure most of us who like to travel have typed into Google “What to do in…” and the search results are usually, if not always, the main tourist attractions of the city or country. These usually consist of old buildings and monuments, museums, and the downtown district.

I have found that even though all the cliché sights are interesting and sometimes fascinating, there are so many places that are not as known by tourists but are equally if not even more amazing than those more obvious ones that everyone knows of and talks about.

That is precisely what you can read about right here. The most underrated places to visit when in Lisbon.

But before that, why should you go to Lisbon or even Portugal in general?

Now that I’ve hopefully convinced you to spend some time in Portugal, here are some really cool areas in Lisbon that are starting to get more known by tourists but that still are not as famous and crowded as the more known locations.

Principe Real
Principe Real is right next to one of the most famous neighborhoods of Lisbon, Chiado, so if you are visiting the city you will probably be close by already. It was built in the 1800s and is filled with traditional architecture even though it has been gaining a really modern vibe to it in the past few years.

It is home to so many independent shops like boutiques, designer jewelry shops, second hand bookshops, children’s clothes and toys shops, etc.

Right in the main street there is a really famous garden and right next to it a beautiful viewpoint of the city.

This is the place where you will find a traditional café selling expressos and traditional pastries right next to a full on vegan restaurant that sells avocado toast and rice bowls. There are also many bars and cafes in the rooftops of buildings all around if you want to have a drink with a view towards the rest of the city.

How to get there:

LX Factory
LX Factory is, and I cannot think of a better expression to describe it than this one, the Hipster heart of Lisbon. It is located in what used to be a fabric factory in the Alcantara area near the Tagus River.

There you can find a range of modern bars and restaurants, clothes and shoes shops, art ateliers, bookshops, music shops, home décor shops, organic and vegan beauty and body products, and you can even find a hostel or two.

You can also do things like book a surfing class or a yoga class, get a piercing or a tattoo and get a massage.

How to get there:

Bairro Alto
Bairro Alto is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Lisbon. Unlike Principe Real, which was built for the Royal family, Bairro Alto has been around since the 1500s and has always been home to the working class. If you go there during the morning or the afternoon you will see the balconies full of drying clothes and you might spot an old lady or two looking out of an open window into the street while enjoying the sunlight.

The main attraction in Bairro Alto, though, is the night life. It is a great place to have dinner outside during the summer because the streets will be full of restaurant tables with people having a traditional “sardinha assada” on bread (grilled sardine) and a glass of wine. Because most people gather outside the environment is really relaxed and friendly.

Many people choose Bairro Alto for a night out. Most bars will stay open until around 4am and clubs will only close at around 6am. Because this area is known for its night clubs the security around there is pretty tight so you will be able to feel safe.

There are also several Fado restaurants and bars, which means you have the opportunity to enjoy dinner while listening to live traditional Portuguese music.

How to get there:

Enjoy your time in Lisbon if you decide to go! Remember to try the famous egg custard tarts, you can find them in every café or supermarket. And make sure you get a fridge magnet because have you really been anywhere if you don’t bring one of those back? I hope you have fun!

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