Travelling Makes you Smarter

“Travel broadens the mind” and we think of travel as being exiting, romantic and self developing. You know it’s going to make you smarter too, right.

Here are 10 great reasons to reach for your passport…

Reactivate your mind
As soon as you arrive in a new country, a different environment, you’ll realise that you were so used to your every day life that you cruised through it, with little or no thought. You spoke to people on the way to work or you didn’t, you cooked and ate the same meals each week and you travelled to the same places. Imagine travelling to your chosen destination, wondering what it’s going to be like when you get there, by boat or rickshaw. You’re not on auto pilot any more, it’s going to be like your first day at that new school. Anything can happen and you will remember that fantastic feeling of wow, this is going to be good fun.

Reset your perspective
When you arrive at your chosen destination, you become aware that this corner of the earth is different, the people behave differently, look and sound different and do things in different ways. You may wonder why they’re all up so early in the morning or why, in the early afternoon, there’s no one around. If you’re anything like me there will be questions, where once there was just acceptance and there will be wonder, where once there was drudgery. New surroundings and diversity await you. How will you deal with it all? Not only are you going to deal with it… you’re going to love it!

Get to know people
If you’re lucky and if you make a little effort, you will get to know some fantastic people, who will tell you all about their thoughts, beliefs ways of life. They may be locals or travel buddies wanting to know how their lives differ from yours and it could be a conversation that starts and then continues for a lifetime. You may wish to learn or improve a language, so that you can further delve into a culture that appeals to you and there will surely be something you can take home with you, to tell your friends and family and impress your future boss maybe.

Learn to love your life again
Life can feel like you’re in a rut sometimes and work may seem like a pain you have to endure in order to live. Lifting yourself above these thoughts and visiting a new country will not only be liberating, it may restore your enthusiasm for life. All you need is a little inspiration and a bit of ‘get up and go’ to start the change.

Chill out
You came here to take a break from your normal life and that includes socialising with friends, being with and caring for family members, going to the gym, playing sport, being a member of a club and other responsibilities, all of which contribute to the fast paced life you have become accustomed to, check You now have the opportunity to slow down and live in the moment. Without a packed diary, there’s more time to ponder, to have fun and enjoy yourself. Travelling gives you the opportunity to examine your life and priorities and change them if you’re not happy. You may discover that being on-line four hours a day is not as important as your yoga practice.

Skill development
Who knew you could walk 15 miles in a single day. Who knew you could climb mountains or provide just the sort of help that others need. Literally and spiritually, you will rediscover, find and develop skills that you had forgotten about or never knew you had.

Traveling is about having adventures and experiencing things for the first time. Just like when you were a child. Its the ‘Alice in wonderland’ moment where you want to go to the mad hatter’s tea party, to see who you’ll meet, or follow the rabbit to see where you’ll end up, except now you will understand and appreciate it so much more.

Promotes understanding
It’s easy to say “yeah, too right mate”, when you’re voicing the opinions of the majority or when your with a group of friends or likeminded individuals. Read how to find best maid in Oahu. When you travel however, you will often be in the minority with your thoughts and opinions and in this situation, you will learn that there is much to be gained from patience, tolerance and understanding.

Rediscover yourself
This is the best bit! Travelling literally takes you away and when you’re living away from your normal routine, experiencing much more than a normal day brings without the influence of TV, friends and family, you will connect again with your true self. This is often a process of rediscovery, as you realise how much situations and influences back home have changed and conditioned you and taken you away from your true feelings.

Follow and rely on your natural instincts
Travel by mood and not by map. Travel by instinct and not by must do’s or must see’s and you will not only discover wonderful experiences, you will discover the wonderful you.

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