Val d’lsère – Where your Ski Season Starts

‘Val d’Isère is like a little bubble away from the real world’- Whether you’re feeling the urge to escape the 9-5 grind, aren’t ready to head into the world of full-time work yet or just want to be adventurous, your ski season awaits!

Here are my top 7 reasons why you need to head to Val d’Isère for your ski season:

1.You’ll experience the work hard, play harder lifestyle
Val d’Isère is not a place for the faint hearted. It receives many tourists over the course of the ski season between November and May, so be prepared to work hard for your money! That said, you’ll be more than happy to do so as the rewards are plenty, trust me. You’ll be skiing every day then partying most nights in the best resort in the French Alps.

2.You’ll meet likeminded people and will never be lonely
Travelling alone can be daunting but you’re bound to meet some great travel buddies when you work a ski season at Val d’Isère. Whether you’ve skied before or not, there’s a wide range of jobs available in the mountains, from chalet hosts to working in a ski shop or as an instructor, so you’ll meet plenty of people and experience a new way of life while developing your ski skills. However, if you’re feeling daunted by the prospect of jetting off alone , the Travamigos app will help you connect with many other seasonaires.

3.You’ll master the sport of skiing
For the 5-6 months you’re in Val d’Isère, you’ll have an expansive ski area to explore and no doubt an exceptional amount of snow fall. The resort links with Tignes so has a vast terrain for skiers of all levels. Throughout the season, you’ll have more time on the slopes than many people get in a lifetime to master the art of skiing. To me, that sounds like an unmissable opportunity.

4.You’ll become more employable
Many people suggest that working a ski season is just avoiding real-life responsibilities, but I believe it’s exactly the opposite. You’ll be developing skills that many employers want to see such as independence, customer service and team work. In addition, you’ll learn so much about yourself that you wouldn’t have discovered without doing a ski season. You should see it as a time of personal growth, whether that means improving your French, learning to be patient or figuring out how to cope with work deadlines and pressure, it’s all one big learning curve.

5.A ski season is a time to find yourself
Val d’Isère has to be one of the most beautiful French ski resorts there is. Every day you’ll have the chance to go up to the slopes in your spare time around work. This means you’ll have time to figure out who you are and what you want to do in the future, it’s also a perfect form of escapism. Skiing for me has always been a great way of reflecting on my day-to-day life and I always come back feeling rejuvenated. As they say, mountain air is good for the soul!

6.Val d’Isère has no shortage of Après
Whether you’re the life and soul of the party, a foodie or you just enjoy great company, Val d’Isère has it all. Its après scene is one of the best and definitely lives up to the wild hype, offering a variety of places to let your hair down.

The best parties, which I hope you become familiar with as a seasonaire, are the world-famous La Folie Douce après sessions, which begin before you’ve even left the mountain. The music and crowds start pumping at around 3pm and conveniently, La Daille gondola is located just next door, so you can experience the full ‘Folie fun’.

Another place I have to mention is Cocoricos, which cranks up all the old tunes and best hits from 5pm, when everyone dances around in their ski gear into the evening. This is probably one of the most liberating places I’ve ever been to.

7.It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
Val d’Isère has provided many people with fun-filled ski seasons and I have an absolute ball every time I go. It’s given me fond memories that I’ll cherish forever. Working a ski season is something you can do any time in your life so, if you’re feeling in need of a break, a chance to explore who you are or if you just fancy experiencing a different lifestyle for a while, then I hope Val d’Isère is where your heart will lead you and you have a wonderful time. Je vous souhaite bonne chance dans votre nouvelle aventure!

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