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When contemplating something big like going travelling there are always reasons why you shouldn’t. There are many more reasons why you should however.

Here are a few:

I don’t have enough money – How can I raise the cash I need to travel?
If you need to supplement your travel costs by working, it’s always a good idea to arrange paid work before you go and there are many things you can do to earn that extra cash. Make sure you check the work permit rulings for your destination. A ‘Working Holiday Visa’ will not only allow you to work it will help you to get work. Here are some considerations:

Better get a job – Travelling will make me more employable.
If a career opportunity is there for you at home then it is hard to turn your back on it and travel. If you’re in the position where you need to get a CV and covering letter together and start applying for jobs however, it might be better to wait a while and include CV skills like taking the initiative, self-reliant, confident, improved problem solver, multi-lingual, multi-cultural that you will undoubtedly pick up on your travels. Contacts that you will make may also prove to be invaluable.

I don’t like travelling alone – Find likeminded adventurers
You’re not alone in not wanting to travel alone. We all value travel companions. What you don’t want though is someone who will compromise your travel objectives, after all, this is a once in a lifetime gig, right. Being part of a group travelling to the same destination at the same time as you has many advantages. You can chat to people and meet them before you depart and you can obtain group discounts on flights, vaccines and insurance ahead of your trip, as well as trips and tours when you get there. You get the added security of being part of a group without the sleazy stuff associated with 1-1 travel buddie apps. The group travel app is self regulating and provides much, much more than companionship. You’ll feel part of the travel movement and not a vulnerable individual. Check out maximum fitness vacaville.

I will miss my family – My family will love my postcards, calls and tales of adventure
We always want to spend more time with our loved ones but think how much better those times will be when you have travel tales to share. Your family will love to help you prepare for your trip and there will be no shortage of helpful suggestions. You might even get some financial support. Agree a contact schedule whilst you’re away that everyone will look forward to. Strike the right balance between letting people know how you’re getting on and finding your way in the world, independently. Maintain regular, balanced contact and before they know it you’ll be back and they’ll be hearing all about your adventure.

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